Davie 11, 12

In thinking about the role of religion in everyday life, Davie notes the connection between religious practices and groups and specific lifecourse markers, such as birth, adolescence, family formation, and death. How would you account for the increased salience of religion at these milestones? What does it reveal about the persistence of religion in modern societies?

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Religion for me is something that makes me feel spiritually connected. I know that I can always pray in a time of need. The milestones such as birth and death enhance our belief and persistance because we believe what we have prayed for has now become a reality. In society today, these types of milestones make us more connected with whatever we believe in, and shows us how if we keep perservering good things can happen.

Religious salience clarifies the importance to one's private life. Believing in a religion creates a strong faith and connection to a personal God. It may bring individuals together to form a community that share the same beliefs and values. Religion can help find guidance to establish decisions being made. With this it may affect a person's action of choice. It creates morals and a lifestyle of how you are as a person.

I agree 100%, if a person has strong religious belief and becomes closer to God it'll affect the way that person views life as a whole. things that may have had some type of value to them at one point becomes a distraction to their belief so they'll cast it aside. Religion benefits to and individual realizing what it morally wrong, and what i mean is that, their type of sin they've committed back then may not have had seem so bad until they decided to rededicate their lives to God, and opened their eyes to see that those events had negative consequences or outcomes on their lives before hand. Religion and coming closer to God gives an individual spiritual guidance and strength.

This is very similar to what I was trying to explain. How having set milestones makes people connected and has people feeling accomplished. Prayer definitely helps aid persistence as well, when someone prays and gets answered it is definitely motivation to continue.

I agree with this response. Many people that follow a faith can empathize with this statement, since it is personalized. Many use prayers as a way to voice out and create positive effects. In my response, I said something to similar that decisions can be based off of the way we think and religion takes into account of that. This is a prime example of how faith can influence decisions and create people's destined milestones.

I think that the increase in salience of religion during these specific life course markers is a social construct and varies based on which life course marker we're referring to. There's no other tradition associated with life, adolescence, and death that mainstream religions don't account for. Each life course marker has an event and is dominated by religion so that we can't think of these markers apart from the religious event associated with them. I think what this reveals about the persistence of religion in modern societies is that we've been accustomed to religion playing such an important part in these life course markers, that we no longer see them as separate.

I don't think its true to say there is no other tradition that religions don't account for. I think nonbelievers have their traditions as well (an atheist will still go in for commemoration services at a burial even if they are not paying tribute to god). And I think we can think of these markers without associating religion to them. I, as an atheist, find these life markers very significant without bringing god into the equation at all. Birth, death, and marriage can certainly exist without religious markers and still be seen as powerful life changing experiences.

Agree. Religion provides society with a foundation, with something to follow. Without it society would not function as we know it. People need to feel connected to something to anything. These markers have been so tied to religion that it's hard to imagine a funeral, marriage, christening, Easter, Christmas, etc. without some aspect of relgiosity associated with the event even if celebrated by non-believes. Religion is so ingrained in society that in modern times where faith has shifted from obligations to Cosumption these markers hold a significance people and there religion.

I think religion helps people perservere because it gives them something to push for. I agree with the previous comment because people do take it is as the same and do not see them as different course markers. Religion serves as a foundation for people's decisions, attitudes, and beliefs. At times, it is their only option to turn to, when things are very tough.

I agree with your point of views, because I believe religion affects everyday life. I also believe that religion is playing an important role in our life. For instance, some people who practiced religion, they were more connected to their families and friends. They are happy to share their thoughts with each other. Most importantly, I think that people are less stressed.

I think religion helps people perservere because it gives them something to push for. I agree with the previous comment because people do take it is as the same and do not see them as different course markers. Religion serves as a foundation for people's decisions, attitudes, and beliefs. At times, it is their only option to turn to, when things are very tough.

Humans are creatures that need to attribute meaning to everything. They can't help it. We have brains with an instinctive need to find causal connections to everything and we absolutely cannot tolerate meaninglessness. If meaning isn't naturally inherent in life we find a way to stick some in. Universal life milestones then, to us, are seen as the moments most pregnant with opportunity to attribute meaning. They appear significant to us and so we mark them out and celebrate or mourn them. This is something societies all do in some form or another. Therefore, since we are already noticing them anyway, it would be an extremely foolish religion that didn't decide to cash in on such a prime investment opportunity. Drowning each of these milestones with religious ritual gives people the outlet they need to mark these milestones, and so even the less religious tend to adhere when it comes to these moments. And since the moments are memorable and universal it allows everyone to come together and find meaning in their religions that is significant and lasting.
Since these life milestones have existed for as long as history remembers, and since they are not going away anytime soon, any religion with ties to these milestones will have an easier time continuing to exist. Even in a modern era where science can explain many things, people still want religion to enhance the meaningfulness of their life milestones, and so religion persists as a device to give life extra meaning.

One reason that people practice religion is because it gives them a purpose and a sense of meaning. Constantly doing something or practicing something is only encouraging and one only has the energy to continue on if they see they are accomplishing something and if they are getting things done. Milestones like adolescence and creating a family are positive markers that indicate you’re following on the right path which encourages people to keep going, doing, and practicing. This shows persistence because you can use things that happen with or without religion to aid your practice, meaning, you can use things like adolescence to be helpful towards being religious instead of just being an adolescent. Putting down milestones helps with anything, including religion.

I agree with your comment and I think it is significant to point out positive markers that can lead to either more significance of religion to an individual or vise Vera's.It is important to note that people can go in either direction.

Religion allows one to have a purpose in life, to enlighten themselves and the ones surround them to obtain a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Everyone craves to have a glimpse of complete solace, religion provides this for many. This is a main factor in why many people turn to it in time of need. Milestones such as adolescence, family formation, and death are a part of religion. Decisions are based off of your process of thinking and morals which are influenced by your faith. This affects the way your life plays out and where you end up. The increased salience of religion at these milestones shows how much it affects ones life, how prayer and belief can play a huge role in the way a person thinks and acts. In modern day society, the persistence of religion gives people a coping mechanism, casting light on what's bad and good, and overall way to live life.

I believe that people that hold to a strong religious background fear a world that is too profane. I say this because I see how strong many religious people in my community debate over how thing have lost or have drifted away from what is once devoted “sacred or biblical” and have become more secular rather than religious. As birth, adolescence, family formation, and death are seen as a forever constant, it has always been seen as something of value a depth than many find it to be quite scared. In truth, it can also be said that these are all standard functions of existence and are on different than the birth, life, and death of a star or plant. However, the idea that life is usual, profane, boring and as is, it can be quite freighting to people. More so, for those that wish to seek something more from their existence. That is why, as religions in modern society deal with the attack of the profane and ordinary, many individuals equally adapt and provide imagination, belief, and faith and hold on even more to the things that are scared.

In my perspective, I think that religious is putting my faith into action. It also means that no matter what I believe, I put it into action. It is something that makes me feel so peaceful and comfortable. Most importantly, I think religious is beliefs, morals and beliefs. In today's world, I think that most of people still have their own beliefs. For instance, some people keep praying every single day. It helps them become stronger in our lives. Personally, religious is so important for me.

I definitely agree with you about how religion is putting faith into action. As I commented before I feel that faith is based upon decision making, purpose in life and lifestyle that everyone decides to live upon. Therefore, it definitely relies on the morals and beliefs that an individual carries base on the religion they follow. And it also gives individuals the availability to keep moving forward when things don't go as plan and I think it also unities communities when tragic events happens no matter the type of the religion that each individuals believes in.

I really disagree with your perspective, I don't think religion can make an individual become stronger. The reason is that more and more people use religion as a stepping stone to get access to whatever they need, they immediately announce that they are atheist and told us that they have nothing to do with religion.

I agree with your opinion Kristin, I think that it is true that many people deliberately choose to put faith into action on a regular basis and for this reason may put a greater emphasis in religion in times of such life course markers. I also think that sometimes people need to do it because they need religion in order for what they are doing. An example, in the Mexican culture, this is often a Quienceñera that almost always has a religious ceremony as well. However, in order of the parishes to celebrate this mass, the young lady who is having this party must have the sacrament of confirmation. What I see if many girls doing this sacrament because they need it. I don't agree that faith can make an individual stronger!

After reading the question, religious salience is the importance of religion in one’s personal life. Religion is a form of being spiritually connected causing an intense sense of faith. In my opinion the impact of faith is based upon decision making, purpose in life and lifestyle that everyone decides to live upon. Therefore, I feel that the specific life course makers are a course of how we let our faith motivate us to live our life and the beliefs that by following the rules of our religion we will end up in heaven. In today’s society, I feel that we can all see how religion gathers communities together when tragic events happen, therefore, casting a sense of cohesion towards faith that everything will be alright.

I do agree with you on the fact that religion gathers communities together when tragic events happen. Casting a sense of cohesion towards faith is important, not just in moments of tragic events that happen, but in everyday life. In everyday life, cohesion is essential to creating personal connections in society. I also agree with the fact that if we allow our faith to motivate us to live our life, and adhere to beliefs of our religion, we will end up in heaven. This is applicable to Christianity very much so in the world today.

In my perspective, I think religion is somewhat significant in life because its supposed to gives individuals power and hope. The reason I stated somewhat is because I went to a catholic school when I was still in Elementary school, although the idea of God is always there, I don't really believe in it. I knew some of my friends had converted into Catholic and asked me to convert also. However, I didn't feel like I need religious salience to be myself.

The connection between religious groups and their practices and life moments is very significant. It is significant because it connects individuals to their faith and inner spirituality with intensity. The impact of faith on one's life varies; it depends upon the way that the individual chooses to live, as well as what choices they choose to make in life. Specific life events like the ones mentioned in the question are ones that change lives dramatically. For example, my birth/early life was extremely emotional for my parents. It was a challenging and complicated time in which their faith in God was used to help me get through those experiences.

I believe there is a greater emphasis of religion when it comes to life course markers such as birth, adolescence and death. But I believe this is mostly traditional as I find it that many people who aren’t so religious tend to put a greater focus on religion when it comes to such events. I think that along with tradition, it is also a social obligation one has to their religious community. It is expected to put a greater religious focus on such events making me believe this is a social construct.

I agree with this. I think that people like to continue certain traditions that their family held in hopes of holding on to blessings they believe their families have been given. I also think that religiousness isn't that great a factor in those cases, and certain milestone events can bring about a less constructive, spiritual connection.

Religion is significant to milestone events because it often dictates the rituals and methods that individuals should go about them with. Even in modern times, religious individuals celebrate birth according to their religious rituals like circumcision, baptism, etc. This is also the case with burial rituals and adolescent celebrations/customs. I think that this reality is telling of how strong people can cling to a strong belief, like religion, in times of change in hopes for protection and prosperity. I think that the fear of the unknown and faith in the supernatural is strong enough to keep religion relevant, even in modern times.

The importance of religion to different people depends on many things.Milestone events include different customs,rituals,methods that Chang over time.During time of war or suffering more people might cling to the importance of religion.Many people run to religion during times of fear or uncertainty.This applies in modern time as well,many people look at religion as an important aspect of life,considering all the chaos and trauma that goes on in 2018.

Religion offers different meanings for everyone it gives them a purpose and something in which they can relate to in their everyday lives. Religion fills a need people have for community, connection, and support, especially in times of need and they are in important factor in Human evolution. In other words, religion is what helps a society to develop. Life course makers are useful to demonstrate how our religious faith determines us to be who we are and the believes that obeying the rules of our religion can allow us to succeed. I feel that we can all see how religion gathers communities together in other words building group and community and community cohesion.