Research Project Proposal

Respond to the questions briefly and directly. Write the draft in your word processor so that you will retain a copy. Use academic prose. I am grading the content of what you submit, but if I don't understand what you are trying to say, you will earn fewer points. Before you submit, make a note of the number in the first comment, below. You will need to input this number into the form to submit your work. (This is to prevent spammers from using the form. Sorry about that. Spammers ruin everything.) After you submit, you will see the success page. (If you don't see the success page, something went wrong. Try again.)

1. Who is participating in this project? Include everyone's name and explain how you are dividing up the work. (If you are working alone, indicate so; you won't need to explain how you are dividing up the work.)

2. What is your topic? Give a brief description how the topic relates to sociology of religion.

3. Identify two concepts from our discussion of sociology of religion and explain how these concepts help us understand the topic.

4. What would we misunderstand about the topic if we did not ask a sociological question about it? (Think of this as the value added by sociological analysis.)

Note: The sources for this project must include some sociological material. You can use additional material, such as news, magazine reports, agency reports, and other kinds of narratives, but you must also have at least five sociological sources in the final project. Sociology sources include book chapters and journal articles.

5. Identify one chapter from the assigned readings, and one outside sociological source that you will use to explain this topic. Provide citations in ASA format. (If you prefer a different format style, identify the one you will be using.)

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