For W 1/31

Davie, chapters 1-2

Each group will be assigned one quotation. You will need to address two questions: (A) what does the quotation mean? and, (B) why is the quotation important in the context of the chapter?

1. “The traditional structures of religious life, deeply embedded in the economic and political order of pre-modern Europe, were crumbling visibly under the mutually reinforcing pressures of industrialization and urbanization.” (p 23)

About This Course

Religion as a social institution. The nature of inter-group conflict. Patterns of belief, ritual, organization, and experience. Religion and urban culture. Religion and politics, family, gender, race, and social class. Religion and social change.

3 hours; 3 credits

Prerequisite: Sociology *1101 [5] or permission of the chairperson.


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